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Newest Addition to Club Accessories


Thanks to a very generous donation from a club founder and Northeast Alec Bradley  rep. we now have a dedicated club torch. For years we’ve mooched off of members’ lighters or used terrible paper matchsticks (long live Churchills) but now we have quite an impressive table torch. If you see this on the table at our meetings feel free to use it, just be careful not to burn down our new home.

Cody Schwarzer – BUCAS President

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image Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Just wanted to congratulate Drinnan, one of the founding club members, on his new job in the industry. He was the long-time unofficial GM of Churchill’s and was responsible for making it such an amazing place. Now as the proud Northeast rep for Alec Bradley, we hope he’ll join us in our new home at Cigar Masters

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