Come join us at 6:30 PM on Monday evenings for a night of good cigars and great conversation. We meet at Stanza dei Sigari located down in the north end. If you are under 21 (but over 18) please contact to let us know that your coming.




Stanza is accessible by the MBTA or by car (directions). Personally, I like to take the T to government center and then walk over. If you’re driving, Parcel 7 parking garage is only $1/hr up to 3 hrs with validation from Stanza. 




What to do as far as a cigar?  (First-time guests: your cigar is on us!)

  1. You can bring your own.
  2. Support our venue, Stanza, by buying one while at the meeting.
  3. Join the President’s buying program, where members pool a small semi-annual contribution in order to purchase cigars at a steep discount. (We usually purchase samplers so you get a different cigar every time).

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